Colorado appears to be the very first state to launch a large scale campaign advertising its health exchange that will launch in October. There are print ads:

And there are 30-second television spots.

While some national groups are holding off on their pitch - waiting until the exchanges get closer to launch before hawking the new options - Colorado is not wasting any time.

“We needed to get a wider awareness of our organization in a short amount of time to help prepare people for the changes that will be taking place,” Colorado Connect's Myung Oak Kim told Kaiser Health News's Phil Galewitz.

You can expect to see similar ad campaigns roll out elsewhere in the country as Oct. 1, the date that exchanges open for enrollment, gets nearer. Perhaps the most notable fact about the Colorado ads is that they lack a single mention of health reform, the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. Instead, the print ad just mentions that new options will be "starting in October."