-- "Witnesses say alcohol may have played a factor in the man's ill-advised science experiment."

-- "Watching [the new Star Trek movie] is like talking to a salesman who stops every 40 seconds to ask if you’re still with him, and then slaps you in the face just to make sure."

-- "Cicadas with a prime-numbered life cycle had the most successful evolutionary strategy."

-- "Technology and privacy have had many skirmishes in the past, but the coming generation of wearable computing has the potential to escalate the conflict to all-out war.”

-- "Which raises a delicate question: Having already eclipsed Paris in Michelin stars, could Tokyo chefs one day eclipse the French at their own cuisine?"

-- "In fact, the department said it has ruled all 187 officer-involved shootings of dogs since January 1, 2010 as justified."*

Just a reminder that we don't actually endorse all the sentiments in these sentences. Especially the one about dog shootings. These are just things that caught our eye.