Earlier this week, Rob Wile of Business Insider posted his graph-heavy opus: "31 Charts That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity."

Naturally, we here at Wonkblog were all eager to see the results. But we'd quibble a bit with Wile's interpretations of the data. His charts all struck us as horrible news. So we're re-analyzing them here with the proper, gloom-heavy spin:

1) Inter-state wars are on the rise since 2002. Zoom in on that pink line:

2) Dictatorships still exist:

3) We haven't eradicated human slavery:

4) People around the world are becoming just as lazy as the French:

5) Look at all the frivolous crap we're spending money on:

6) Pretty much everyone in the United States can now read Fifty Shades of Grey:

7) More 77-year-olds are dying than ever before:

8) We vanquished infectious disease only to find more horrible ways to die:

9) We're making progress on cancer treatments, but ugly charts with blue backgrounds remain a depressing fact of modern life:

10) There were 31,672 deaths from guns in the United States in 2010:

11) We're still shooting each other all the time:

12) A fifth of the world lived in absolute poverty in 2000:

13) Again with the charts with the blue background. Stop it:

14) The nation's supply of cool kids who smoke is reaching a perilous low:

15) Annoying babies are everywhere:

16) If these trends continue indefinitely, we'll soon be spending 100 percent of GDP on malaria research:

17) This chart has so many squiggly lines you have to wonder if it's hiding something:

18) We're wasting tons of water on showers:

19) Rising fluoridation of the U.S. water supply is turning us all into Communists:

20) Electrification rates have stagnated since the 1960s:

21) Pittsburgh is reverting to 1900-era conditions:

22) The number of nerds keeps growing:

23) Lady nerds, even:

24) People have more opportunities to get bored than ever before:

25) It's getting cheaper and cheaper to generate toxic e-waste:

26) Robots are going to kill us all any day now:

27) More and more people are encountering the hell of modern air travel:

28) This chart doesn't include fatalities from flying cars because — oh right — those still don't exist

29) Again, no flying cars. We were promised flying cars. And jetpacks:

30) BONUS CHART: People actually have to work more hours than they did back in 1895 just to afford a simple sterling silver teaspoon:

Don't believe the optimists. Everything is terrible.