Were you scaling Everest this week? Deathly ill? Did your home, and all of your neighbors' homes, temporarily tip into a wormhole? A wormhole without internet access? If so, then you have a reasonably good excuse for why you might have missed some of what Wonkblog published this week. Maybe. So here is a totally subjective, methodologically questionable list of some of our best posts from the last seven days. No more excuses.

- These 31 charts will destroy your faith in humanityDon't believe the optimists. Everything is terrible.

A brief history of America’s fluoride warsThey're trying to steal Portland's precious bodily fluids.

Some very good news for Obamacare. If California can make Obamacare work, so can everyone else.

Bernanke to Congress: Seriously, guys, what are you doing? The Federal Reserve chairman thinks Congress is getting it backwards on deficit reduction.

- Josh Barro didn't leave conservatism. Conservative left Josh Barro. On the consequences of the Republican Party's incredible shrinking policy agenda.

The IRS controversy isn’t about taxes. It’s about disclosure. If you don't read this, odds are you really don't understand what this whole 501(c)(4) thing is about.

How to make $30 billion and pay no corporate income tax, the Apple way. Apple went to Ireland and found a pot of gold. Here's how.

Everything you need to know about Obama’s war on leakers in one FAQWe explain what the government is doing, why it's happening, and why you should be concerned.

Why are tornadoes so hard to predict? Back in the 1980s, the average advance warning for tornadoes was just 5 minutes. Today, it's around 13 minutes. Why hasn't tornado detection gotten better, faster?

Stop celebrating our falling deficitsIt's as if we took all the good ideas people had to help the economy and reduce the deficit and did the opposite.