The nerd's Super Bowl is upon us. The 2013 Scripps National Spelling Bee championships happen tonight, where a dozen middle school students put the rest of us to shame as they spell words we have never heard before.

Since the Spelling Bee had its broadcast debut in 1946, it has had many standout moments. A quick review, mostly to get pumped up for all the spelling action you will soon be viewing.

The time a speller fainted. This would be Akshay Buddiga who, in 2004, fainted when asked to spell "alopecoid" (which seems a pretty reasonable response, to be honest). Most remarkably, he bounced right back up, spelled the word, and took second place in the competition.

The time a speller guessed and totally got it right. Andrew Lay, a 2007, competitor, totally guessed how to spell "negus" (a title of the sovereign of Ethiopia, obviously) and totally got it right.

The time a speller laughed at how ridiculous his word was. Wouldn't you do the same if someone asked you to spell "sardoodledom"?

The time a speller got a bit confused about what, exactly, he was supposed to spell. Samir Mishra, a 1998 competitor, was asked to spell "numnah." He heard something, well, slightly different.

The time a speller totally knew she was going to win the Spelling Bee. Perhaps the very best spelling bee moment ever is Rebecca Sealfon's 1997 victory where she literally shouted her winning word: "EUONYM!"