"It is 20 years since the Montreal Canadiens defeated the Los Angeles Kings to win the 1993 Stanley Cup; no Canadian team has won the championship since."

"I believe his work is a waste of time and I write that as someone who does not believe Heidegger is a (total) waste of time"

"Marc Fucarile reached a huge milestone this week: He was one of the last two Boston Marathon survivors to be released from the hospital."

"We will now take a question from Bruce Wayne with Wayne Enterprises. Please go ahead."

"To get more obscure than those, you basically have to draw Scrabble tiles randomly, which is perhaps how parents come up with neologisms like “Cree,” “Izan” and “Emi” (for boys) and “Safi,” “Nanou” and “Esosa” (for girls)."

"U.N. peacekeeping is an activity mostly paid for by the rich world and carried out by troops from poorer states."

"An asteroid is whizzing past Earth on Friday -- and it's traveling with its own moon in tow."