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Wonktalk: Can Avik Roy and Ezra Klein find common ground on Obamacare?

Of late, Forbes blogger and Manhattan Institute fellow Avik Roy has emerged as one of Obamacare's most persistent and popular conservative critics. We've gone back-and-forth a bit over the blogs (see here and here, for starters). But as you may have heard, blogs are dead. So I invited Avik into the famed WonkTalk studio ("Wonkdome") for an epochal, apocalyptic, health-care showdown.

Sadly, the showdown didn't prove as epochal and apocalyptic as I'd hoped. In fact, I left thinking that Avik doesn't have very large disagreements with Obamacare at all. If anything, his problem seems to be that it doesn't go far enough. But I'll have more to say on that later. Enough talk, it's time for WonkTalk: