— "N.J. Gov. Chris Christie says state flags will be lowered to half staff to honor James Gandolfini."

— "A typical American commits three felonies a day."

— "The sense of despair within the NIH is such that at a recent awards ceremony, its director, Francis Collins, grabbed a guitar and sang the 'sequester blues.' "

— "Part of the problem we saw with people engaging in inappropriate behavior, is that you become slick-talking and confident, and you oversell yourself."

— "McConnell’s speech is an attempt to reframe the issue in a way that it can survive the utter absence of incriminating facts."

— "We aim to disseminate excellent research in practical and applied ethics to a broad, global audience including non-academic as well as academic readers, with real and significant impact."

— "Less frequently noted in commentaries about the law — certainly among its critics — is that the law is likely to bring what I call 'premium joy' to individuals and families with health problems."

— "If you are observed taking any amount of soda, juice, milk, fruit or snacks home, you may be subject to termination from BBNA for cause."

— "The reason Article 125 is still on the books at all is because in 2011, when Democrats tried to get rid of it, the religious right howled that the left was making it acceptable for members of the military to have sex with animals."