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Oregon just launched the world’s most twee Obamacare marketplace

When Massachusetts launched its health reform efforts in 2006, it turned to one of the state's most venerable institutions: the Red Sox.

It's only fitting, then, that Oregon, a state replete with artists and hipsters, will have local songwriters promote its new health marketplace, Cover Oregon. The first ads, which go live on television Tuesday, seriously could have been pulled straight out of Portlandia:

"We chose to build a strategy to make sure people became aware of the name and to start the conversation," says Mark Ray, creative director at North, the Portland-based ad agency which produced the spots. "We want to help people understand this program is about Oregonians taking care of Oregonians, so that people understand this is a celebration of something that will benefit a lot of people.

Cover Oregon is spending $2.9 million on outreach work between now and October, much of which will go toward airing television spots like this one. Of its paid media budget, 45 percent is earmarked for television and cable spots.

Cover Oregon is currently weighing whether to advertise on coffee sleeves.