President Obama made a shocking revelation Monday night: the country's 44th president favorite food is...broccoli.

Who chooses broccoli as their favorite food? Well, we don't have the answer to that. But we can tell you that Americans are actually really big fans of the much-maligned vegetable, which, most recently, took on a starring role in the Supreme Court's health law decision.

How do we know? By looking at the USDA's Vegetable and Melons Yearbook, of course! It tracks consumption of vegetables and finds that broccoli has recently had a number of banner years. Consumption of fresh broccoli has been skyrocketing!

It's no surprise, then, that Americans are increasingly gravitating toward broccoli farming. That's what the USDA's Economic Research Service tells us.

One 1999 USDA report went so far as to dub broccoli the “super food for all seasons." “The industry," the federal agency noted, "boasts farm revenue averaging $484 million (1996-98), up 24 percent from the previous 3 years.”