"They insist that they are not racist, noting that they don’t welcome Jews, Catholics or any English speakers, either."

"Feet cannot bear it, but a stylish man these days never obeys his instincts, nor falters at the threat of blisters."

"Among its donors were executives from companies that fraternities and sororities hire to raise money for them; brokers from insurers that sell liability policies to Greek institutions; and lawyers who defend the groups in negligence and wrongful-death lawsuits."

"Maybe he will marry a Russian woman, who will quickly shed her supple, feminine skin and become a tyrant, and every dark winter morning, Snowden will sit in his tiny Moscow kitchen, drinking Nescafe while Svetlana cooks something greasy and tasteless, and he will sit staring into his black instant coffee, hating her."

"Nearly one in five who call themselves abortion rights supporters are in favor of a ban after 20 weeks."