Congratulations, 50 states: You might be getting a new sibling! The new hotness is North Colorado, a potential state that conservative activists in Unitary Colorado have started agitating for. "The activists started pushing…after this year’s legislative session, when Democrats who control the Colorado legislature passed new laws regulating firearms and oil exploration," The Washington Post's Reid Wilson reported Monday. "The new measures, conservatives believe, are the latest steps taken by an overbearing legislature that’s Denver-centric, to the exclusion of the state’s rural areas."

I'm of two minds on this. On the one hand, splitting up big states until we have 545 states with Wyoming-sized populations — so the Senate is finally geographically representative, large states aren't underrepresented in the Electoral College, House districts no longer vary widely in population size, and residents of currently-large states have state governments where their voices matter more — would be great. But what you really want to do is maintain the 50 number and just rearrange the borders so all the states are equal in population. Urban planner/artist Neil Freeman drew a great map of what that would look like:

"States could be redistricted after each census - just like House seats are distributed now," Freeman writes. He's probably, joking but this Adirondack native thinks there are much worse ideas.