Nevada has put together what seems to be one of the clearest Web sites to explore the price of health insurance coverage under Obamacare. Even if you're not a resident, I've found it to be a helpful resource to understand what exactly will happen when people start shopping for coverage.

First, they'll face a few questions -- where they live and how old they are -- that you can see on the page below.

I decided to pose as a 20-year-old from Carson City because, well, why not? Once you pass through that initial page, the next page asks what level of coverage you want and whether you're committed to purchasing on the marketplace. The section on the right side explains the difference between the metal levels.

I looked at the bronze plans on the marketplace, since research on the Massachusetts marketplace suggests that plan will be one of the most common purchases. And, here we are, with rate data for 20-year-olds who live in Carson City:

One important factor to keep in mind: The Nevada site is not asking for income data, meaning it only shows the unsubsidized price for health insurance coverage. On the marketplace, shoppers will see the base price and the amount they're expected to contribute, based on their income. Still, the Nevada site is great to play around with to get a sense of what consumers on the marketplaces across the country will face come Oct. 1.