Photo by Jeff Martin
Ezra Klein, Anne Filipic, and Aaron Smith. (Photo by Jeff Martin)

Here are a few of the more interesting exchanges from the Wonkblog Debate at the DC Improv Tuesday night. The topic was "Obamacare: Will it work?". You can watch the opening statements by our four panelists here.

What is the best way to persuade healthy young men to sign up for health insurance? Anne Filipic of Enroll America has the surprising answer: Their mothers.

And here's Ben Domenech of The Federalist arguing that many in Washington underestimated state legislators' opposition to the Medicaid expansion contained in the Affordable Care Act.

Finally, Wonkblog's Ezra Klein and Project HOPE's Gail Wilensky discuss the fact that discussion of the success or failure of the health care law has centered on the role of young and healthy people, not the older and sicker people who are the main focus of the health care system.