On Monday, we launched the newest Wonkblog site: Know More.

Wonkblog is a site for people who like learning about policy. Know More is a site for people who like learning stuff. Not sitting-in-front-of-a-textbook-for-hours learning, but getting-sucked-into-a-Wikipedia-hole-for-hours learning. The kind where you just can’t stop tunneling deeper and deeper until you know the name of every Brigadier General in the Union army and what campaigns they participated in, or can list every item in Grace Jones’s discography, or exactly who was going to get what job in the cabinet of a hypothetical Reagan-Ford co-presidency.

At Know More, our job is to give you a place to start. Each post is a picture, chart, video, or quote that, we hope, will fascinate you, or fascinate a friend who shares it with you. But at the bottom of every post is the option to really "Know More". That button takes you to some wonderful corner of the internet where you can learn much, much more about the issue at hand, be it physics or tornados or Switzerland or the Supreme Court or lemmings.

It's the red pill -- you take it, and we'll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Let’s get started, shall we?