Speaker Boehner didn't look happy leaving the White House today:


Now we (might) know why: The New York Times reports that President Obama rejected the House's offer of a six-week increase in the debt ceiling because it would not also reopen the government. The announcement came after the markets, which had rallied today on news that the debt ceiling would be lifted, had closed. So tomorrow's opening bell will be fun.

But there are conflicting reads on what happened. Reps. Eric Cantor and Dave Camp called the White House meeting "constructive." Rep. Paul Ryan says "the president didn't say yes, he didn't say no." CNN's Dana Bash reports that Republicans didn't read the meeting as a rejection:


We'll keep updating this post as more details emerge.

Update: At this point, the original NYT article looks overstated. My Post colleagues report:

Returning to the Capitol after meeting with Obama at the White House, members of a 20-strong House Republican delegation described the session as a good first step.

The White House denied a news report that Obama had rejected the House GOP’s proposal outright, saying that “no specific determination was made” after Obama, Vice President Biden and top officials listened to the presentation.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said the gathering was “a very useful meeting” and indicated that conversations would continue into the evening.

“It was clarifying, I think, for both sides as to where we are,” he said.

Here's White House's official statement:

The President had a good meeting with members of the House Republican Leadership this evening; the meeting lasted approximately an hour and a half.  The President, along with the Vice President, Treasury Secretary Lew, Denis McDonough and Rob Nabors listened to the Republicans present their proposal.  After a discussion about potential paths forward, no specific determination was made.  The President looks forward to making continued progress with members on both sides of the aisle.  The President’s goal remains to ensure we pay the bills we’ve incurred, reopen the government and get back to the business of growing the economy, creating jobs and strengthening the middle class.

House Republicans are said to be working with the White House tonight to see if they can reach an agreement.