It's time for another of the Wonkblog Debates! With the government shutdown, debt ceiling standoff, and general high drama on Capitol Hill this month, we thought it was time to ask an over-arching question: Is Congress killing the economy?

Washington is a mess, with political dysfunction, government shutdowns and debt ceiling chicanery. Is Congress crushing the nation’s economic prospects? What are lawmakers getting wrong, and right, and how much of the blame do they get for an economic recovery that has been sorely lacking? Ezra Klein hosts a debate of smart policy thinkers from across the ideological spectrum.

The event is this coming Tuesday, Oct. 22, at the DC Improv at 1140 Connecticut Avenue NW in Washigton. Doors open at 6:00 p.m., with the debate starting at 6:30 p.m. The event is free, but you must register to attend. You can do so here.

If you can't make it, we'll have video clips on the blog next Wednesday; otherwise, we'll see you there.