Your soda and your dishwasher are helping to put military veterans to work. Your iPhone? Not as much.

It's Veterans Day, and as my colleague Brad Plumer notes, many women and men who served our country are still struggling to find work once they leave the military. A new analysis by the online jobs clearinghouse shows some big companies are doing a lot more than others to help change that.

Bright tracks job openings and job applicants online and collects all sorts of data on what's open and who applies. For its analysis, it calculated how many veterans each company in the Fortune 50 hires. It found Wal-Mart hires the most Army, Navy and Air Force vets; Home Depot hires the most Marines.

That's not super surprising, since both companies hire a lot of workers, total. So Bright went further, to see which big companies hire the most vets as a fraction of their workforce. It divided veteran hires by the total number of résumés submitted to each company. It used that ratio to rank nearly all of those companies — a few didn't have enough data to analyze — on a scale of zero to 1.

The clear winner? PepsiCo. (It's a concerted effort, as you can see here.)

General Electric, Valero Energy, AmerisourceBergen and Caterpillar round out the top five.

Bringing up the rear are Prudential, MetLife and Apple. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac don't do so hot, either.

Here's the full list:

PepsiCo 1.00
General Electric 0.84
Valero Energy 0.82
AmerisourceBergen 0.82
Caterpillar 0.80
Boeing 0.62
Amazon 0.51
Walgreens 0.51
State Farm Insurance Cos. 0.50
General Motors 0.49
Procter & Gamble 0.46
Chevron 0.36
Microsoft 0.35
Exxon Mobil 0.35
Ford Motor 0.33
UnitedHealth Group 0.33
Cardinal Health 0.33
Target 0.32
Johnson & Johnson 0.23
Hewlett-Packard 0.22
Costco Wholesale 0.21
McKesson 0.19
Comcast 0.17
American International Group 0.17
United Technologies 0.16
WellPoint 0.13
Home Depot 0.13
AT&T 0.11
Wells Fargo 0.11
Verizon Communications 0.11
International Business Machines 0.10
Citigroup 0.10
Pfizer 0.10
Wal-Mart Stores 0.08
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. 0.07
Kroger 0.07
CVS Caremark 0.07
Freddie Mac 0.06
Express Scripts Holding 0.04
Bank of America Corp. 0.04
Fannie Mae 0.03
Apple 0.02
Prudential Financial 0.00
MetLife 0.00

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