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Here’s where your state stands on Obama’s cancellation fix

(Jewel SamadJ/AFP/Getty Images)

When President Obama wanted to delay the employer mandate, that was relatively straightforward. His administration issued guidance saying that the federal government would not penalize non-compliant employers for one year.

His plan to delay insurance cancellations by one year is a bit trickier to pull off. States have typically regulated insurance markets and, while the federal government can tell insurers it will not penalize them for offering non-compliant plans, those carriers also need a go-ahead from their state insurance commissioner, too.

With the announcement less than 24 hours old, states are still trying to sort out what they'll do. We'll be keeping track of that here, with a running list of where states are on decisions to implement — or not play ball with — the president's plan.

If you know of states that are missing from our list, let me know! You can e-mail Sarah here.