Miguel Rodriguez speaks with President Obama. (Pete Souza/The White House) Miguel Rodriguez speaks with President Obama. (Pete Souza/The White House)

My column this morning wondered why President Obama was turning to heavy hitters with temporary assignments (Jeff Zients, Phil Schiliro, John Podesta) to fix Obamacare rather than firing the people in charge and permanently replacing them with people he thought could do the job. One staff member I wondered about in particular was Miguel Rodriguez, the director of legislative affairs who seems to be strangely unknown on the Hill.

Perhaps I spoke too soon:

Statement by the President on the Departure of Miguel Rodriguez:

Miguel Rodriguez has served in my Administration from day one.  After a tour with Secretary Clinton at the State Department, he joined my staff in October 2011 before agreeing to serve as my Director of Legislative Affairs earlier this year.  And throughout some of this year’s most contentious legislative battles, Miguel worked tirelessly to bridge the partisan divide, forge consensus, and seek out solutions that helped us move forward.  As the son of immigrants, I know Miguel took particular pride in the Senate’s passage of a bipartisan, commonsense immigration reform plan – something that we are going to see through.  I’m grateful for his service, and I will miss his advice and counsel, but I am pleased that Katie Beirne Fallon has agreed to serve as my next Director of Legislative Affairs.  As a veteran of Congress, and my Deputy Director of Communications, she has the deep expertise and strong relationships required to build on the progress we’ve made this year and advance my top priority: creating jobs and expanding broad-based growth and opportunity for every American.


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