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Tyler Cowen’s graph of the year: The Eurozone isn’t out of the woods

Time has its "Person of the Year." Amazon has its books of the year. Pretty Much Amazing has its mixtapes of the year. Buzzfeed has its insane-stories-from-Florida of the year. And Wonkblog, of course, has its graphs of the year. For 2013, we asked some of the year's most interesting, important and influential thinkers to name their favorite graph of the year — and why they chose it. Here's Tyler Cowen's.

Tyler Cowen's graph comes by way of the blog Sober Look. It measures year-over-year loan growth to households adjusted for sales and securitization. Or, to put it more simply, it shows credit remains a huge problem in the Eurozone. "Here is one reason why the eurozone is not out of the woods" Cowen said over e-mail.

Tyler Cowen is an economist at George Mason University, co-author of the blog Marginal Revolution, and author of the new book Average is Over.

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