Time has its "Person of the Year." Amazon has its books of the year. Pretty Much Amazing has its mixtapes of the year. Buzzfeed has its insane-stories-from-Florida of the year. And Wonkblog, of course, has its graphs of the year. For 2013, we asked some of the year's most interesting, important and influential thinkers to name their favorite graph of the year — and why they chose it. Here's Sen. Ron Wyden's.

Massive new supplies of affordable natural gas have paid big dividends for the U.S. economy and manufacturers. But benefits to consumers have been a lot slower coming. One reason for that is ratepayers are usually on the hook to pay for the new pipelines and infrastructure that’s needed to bring this gas to homes. I’m working on ensuring that there are strong incentives to prevent utilities from overcharging consumers and to make sure customers are fully repaid when rates are raised unjustly.

-  Ron Wyden is a Democratic senator from Oregon, and chairman of the Senate Energy Committee.