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Poll: Most uninsured didn’t know about March Obamacare deadline

Despite outreach efforts like this one, a new survey finds that 60 percent of the uninsured didn't know about the March 31 enrollment deadline. (AP Photo/Funny Or Die)

As the White House is announcing some leeway on the March 31 enrollment deadline, about six in 10 uninsured American adults didn't know about the deadline in the first place, according to a new poll.

The Kaiser Health Tracking Poll, conducted between March 11-17, found that just 39 percent of uninsured adults below the Medicare age knew that March 31 was the deadline to sign up for coverage.

But the deadline is about to get some cushion, the Washington Post reported last night - the administration is scheduled to announce today that people have until about mid-April to enroll if they claim they had trouble signing up before March 31.

Of course, awareness of the March deadline might have increased since the poll was conducted, given the last-minute push from the administration and enrollment allies. As Bloomberg reported last night, there are signs that the anticipated enrollment surge near the March deadline is starting to materialize.

Still, efforts to personally connect with the uninsured have come up short. Just 11 percent of the uninsured say they have been personally contacted about the health care law by phone, email, text or a door-to-door visit in the past six months.

Half of the uninsured told the Kaiser survey they’re ready to stay that way, even after they’re told most people could face a penalty for not having coverage. Forty percent said they would get coverage and another 10 percent said they weren't sure.