Ugh, what a week. I don't know about you, but I've had enough terrible news, so I'm going to try ending the week on a lighter, completely unrelated note. I've got a county-level dataset that I mapped below. I'm not going to tell you what it is - it's your job to guess! You can leave your guesses in the comments, or tweet me @_cingraham using the hashtag #NameThatData.

I'll give you a few hints. The quantity I've mapped is the share of people in any given county who are X: You tell me what X is. You can click and zoom on the map to see what the actual numbers are. You'll notice that there are big shares of people who are X in many counties in the Deep South. But there are plenty in urban areas too. D.C. is 57 percent X; 51 percent in New York City. There are relatively high numbers of X's in most areas of Massachusetts and New York State, for that matter.

I asked some Post staffers to submit a few guesses to get the ball rolling. Here's what they said.

Brian Fung: "People who have eaten venison"
Hayley Tsukayama: "What would northern Alaska have in common with Southern California!??" [That's not a guess, Hayley -- ed.]
Jonnelle Marte: "People who are hunters!"
Ben Chartoff: "Cigarette smokers"
Emily Badger: "I feel like it is something liberals do, although liberals do a lot of things..."
Brian, again: "Percentage of people who get <x hours of sleep a night"
Jonnelle, again: "That could explain Alaska. People never sleep there right? according to that movie"
Darla Cameron: "Not... white?"
Jim Tankersley: "I'm going to guess it's age-related"
Emily, again: "I also suspect it's Census data, if it's mapped at the county level."
Jeff Guo: "Could be CDC data"
Emily: "My vote: people who say their favorite Wonkblog writer is Emily." [sigh... -ed.]
Jason Millman: "Not surprisingly, Emily is huge in Yolo County"

Feel free to discuss/argue amongst yourselves in the comments and on Twitter, and submit as many guesses as you like. On Monday I'll reveal the answer and crown a winner among whoever got the answer right. I'll also call out particularly hilarious/creative responses too. There are no prizes other than the glory of Being Right on the Internet, which, of course, is the greatest prize of all.

Have a great weekend.