Applying for federal student aid? You'll need to fill out a 10 page application. Social Security retirement benefits come with an eight-page form, a passport application is six pages, and the shortform Obamacare application is five.

But if you are a law enforcement agency in the U.S., you can apply for a free armored tactical vehicle from the Pentagon with a simple one-page form, below. You can even apply for multiple vehicles using the same form!

All you have to do is enter some information about your agency, your reason for the request, whether you're part of a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, and your preference for a vehicle with treads or wheels.

To be fair, your department needs to be approved to participate in the Pentagon's Excess Property Program first. But even that application is only one page!

The militarization of the nation's police forces has become so routine, it's practically one-click shopping for tanks.