Well, I certainly stumped you guys this week. Some of you threw in the towel completely:

Nope, nothing to do with skiing. Several went with a drug-related theme:

It would be great if we had accurate drug use data at the county level! Sadly we don't though. Others got religion:

Some people started thinking about land and land use. These were getting closer to the mark:

Cole's guess is getting really close. In fact, I almost inadvertently gave the game away when I tweeted out a comment the day before:

The answer does, in fact, have to do with trees - that pun was wholly unintentional. But not forest cover, and not timber harvests - it's percent of homes using wood fuel for heating.


Numbers are from the most recent five-year American Community Survey data. Only one correct-ish answer this week, from mystery Twitter user arachnitect. This is, in fact, the only tweet arachnitect has ever tweeted - his/her twitter bio even reads "I don't tweet. Sorry"!  

Arachnitect, we here at Name That Data are honored that you violated the one sovereign rule of your twitter account to send in this correct response. For that, I hereby declare you a Wonkblog-certified data wizard!