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Why everyone still hates the airline industry, in one tweet

(SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

Election law professor Rick Hasen on Saturday tweeted a fairly sober assessment of a new 737 American Airlines jet as he flew from Chicago to Los Angeles.

The company then responded with the equivalent of "sit down and shut up."

So, a customer complains that there's not enough room to comfortably work on a new airplane, and the airliner responds that maybe he should just ... relax.

When Hasen explained this, American tried to sell him on buying a more expensive seat.

Hasen soon responded with a keen sub-140 character analysis of airline industry economics.

And to this, amazingly, American apparently responded, "You're welcome, Rick!" (The tweet has since been deleted, but thanks to @GuyWood for a screenshot.)

What might surprise you is that customer satisfaction with airlines is actually improving these days, though it's not clear if we're actually happier with airline service or we're just getting used to being squeezed at every turn.

What might not surprise you, however, is that airlines still rank at the bottom of the pack, with poor inflight service and uncomfortable seats being a big part of the reason.

In Hasen's case, American Airlines ultimately apologized for the service he received.