Happy Monday morning, America! How hung over are you today? If search data from Google are any indication, you're more likely to be hung over today than on any day of the workweek - including Friday!

The chart below shows the relative Google search volume for "hangover cure", averaged by day of the week, for the 90-day period ending November 7th. It shows that, perhaps unsurprisingly, we're most hung over on weekend days. The peak in hangover cure interest on Sunday indicates that we hit the sauce most heavily on Saturday nights.

If we focus solely on days of the work week, the numbers show the greatest interest in hangover cures on Monday. This suggests that we're drinking more heavily on Sunday than on any weekday, except Friday. Which, if you've ever been to a midweek happy hour in D.C., will come as a surprise.

While we typically think of Sunday as a time of sober reflection, when we regret the debaucheries of the prior week while vowing to adhere to the straight-and-narrow in the coming one (which, lol, who are we kidding), these numbers suggest that in fact Monday has become the modern Sabbath, or at least a day of universal moderation - our interest in hangover cures is lowest on Tuesday.

So if you're staggering into the office this morning, bleary-eyed, head pounding, mouth feeling like its growing mold, you can at least take solace knowing you are not alone.