The average retail price of regular unleaded gas this week is $2.82. Gas hasn't been that cheap for Thanksgiving week since the first year of the Obama administration, according to the latest numbers from the Energy Information Administration.

Last Thanksgiving gas prices were 47 cents higher, at $3.29 per gallon.

This year the AAA estimates that the average car trip for the Thanksgiving holiday will work out to 529 miles round-trip. With passenger cars getting about 33.5 miles per gallon these days, that means that a Thanksgiving driver will save roughly $7.42 on gas compared to last year's prices.

That $7.24 isn't a whole lot of money when you think about it -- certainly not enough to make a dent in the lifetime gas cost differential between a Honda Civic and, say, a Hummer. But auto analysts report that big SUVs are making a comeback in recent months, suggesting the psychological impact of a low pump price far outweighs its effect on the pocketbook.