There is a second Eric Garner video. It shows not the now-infamous scene that ultimately led to his death — the confrontation with New York Police Department officers, one grabbing Garner around his neck, Garner's body thrown to the ground — but the aftermath. For seven minutes, a disgusted bystander continues to film as Garner lies, unmoving, on the sidewalk, police officers involved in the incident milling around him.

The video was originally posted on Facebook over the summer but has received renewed attention after a grand jury decided not to indict an officer involved in the altercation. As Harry Siegel at the New York Daily News points out, this video is almost more disturbing — or disturbing in a way that says something slightly different about Garner and the officers in question. About Garner: If he appears in the first video as the subject of police aggression, here he barely seems to warrant their attention at all. About the officers: They betray no sense of urgency or concern as they wait for first responders. It's as if the event were almost banal.

The moment is much shorter than the four-and-a-half hours Michael Brown's body lay in the street after his death. But it says something similar, that the way we treat a body reflects how we value the life.