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Now we know how Americans *really* feel about their neighbors, the media, and corporations

No one trusts their neighbors quite like the good people of Utah. No state contains more conscientious shoppers than — wait for it — Oregon. The state where people have the least confidence in corporations? New Mexico. The most confidence in public schools? Nebraska.

So says data from the Current Population Survey civic supplement. The questionnaire, a project of the Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, asks all kinds of quirky questions about how we relate to each other and the institutions in our lives — our neighbors, our elected officials, our media outlets, schools and even the products we buy.

The Corporation for National and Community Service and the National Conference on Citizenship released this week their annual report on Volunteering and Civic Life in America, which draws on this data, alongside the CPS volunteering supplement. And they've put all of the data online, just in time for holiday volunteering season (one in four of you volunteered last year) and your New Year's resolutions (want to be a better neighbor? 17 percent of you in the D.C. area do favors for your neighbors a few times each month).

We've pulled out some of our favorite state-by-state datasets from the collection and mapped them below. Scroll over each map for more detailed numbers.

How often do you discuss politics with your friends?

Share answering "frequently."

Do you trust the people in your neighborhood?

Share answering that they trust "most" of their neighbors.

Have you ever bought or boycotted a product or service because of the social or political values of the company that provides it?

Share answering "yes."

Have you participated in a church, mosque, synagogue or other religious institution in the last year?

This question does not include attendance at religious services. The share answering "yes":

How much confidence do you have in the media?

Share of people saying they have either "no" or "hardly any" confidence.

How much confidence do you have in corporations?

Share of people saying they have either "no" or "hardly any" confidence.

How much confidence do you have in public schools?

Share of people saying they have "a great deal" of confidence.