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The terror attack on French satirical news magazine Charlie Hebdo left 12 people dead on Wednesday and led to days of tension and bloodshed. Two separate hostage standoffs finally ended on Friday with the death of three gunmen.

The deaths at Charlie Hebdo, a magazine known for its irreverent and sometimes offensive illustrations, provoked a strong response from artists around the world. Illustrators and graphic designers created scores of works that pay tribute to the deceased illustrators, the right to free speech and the power of the pen.

Below are some of our favorites, republished with kind permission of the artists.

Lucille Clerc


Sylvain Sarrailh

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 3.40.17 PM

Syrian artist Anis Mansour

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 3.37.28 PM

Michael Fredman

David Pope, The Canberra Times

Ruben Oppenheimer


Cristian Turdera (image created for Twitter project @ElTopoIlustrado, co-authored with the writter Tobías Schleider)

Jean Jullien