Okay. You guys had a blast with last week's street grid quiz, so how about a variation on that theme? This time I've taken the official subway/train/metro system maps of 10 cities and stripped them of all identifying information. These maps include metropolitan rail transit only -- no bus lines, no roads and no Amtrak.

These should be a little harder to identify than last week's maps -- rather than a dense network of roads all you get is a stylized skeleton of a region's transit system. But you do have one thing going for you this time: there's no commuter rail in Benghazi.


I really don't know what to tell you if you get this one wrong. Which city's transit map is this?

Washington, DC
Atlanta, GA
Pawtucket, RI


Red, Green, Orange and Blue lines. Which city is it?

Washington, DC
San Francisco, CA
Miami, FL
Boston, MA


You'd think a city this size would have a bigger commuter rail system.

Chicago, IL
London, England
Los Angeles, CA
Tokyo, Japan


This one will be familiar to a lot of you, probably.

Portland, OR
Portland, ME
Chicago, IL
New York, NY


Hint! It's on the West Coast.

San Francisco, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Portland, OR
Seattle, WA


Last one in the U.S.!

St. Louis, MO
Chicago, IL
Denver, CO
Atlanta, GA


Let's take a trip across the ocean. Where is this?

Tokyo, Japan
Paris, France
Barcelona, Spain
London, England


Let's keep heading East from London. Where are we now?

Moscow, Russia
Zurich, Switzerland
Berlin, Germany
Istanbul, Turkey


Very orderly and grid-like. Where would this be?

Tokyo, Japan
Beijing, China
Mumbai, India


Last one! Somewhere on the other side of the globe.

Seoul, South Korea
Pyongyang, North Korea
Sydney, Australia
Christchurch, New Zealand

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