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Nathan Yau of the blog Flowing Data created this cool interactive, showing when people who have jobs and are 16 years or older leave home to go to work with data from the American Community Survey.

As you’d expect, most commuters leave home between 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM – including about half of commuters in many Midwestern counties. In more heavily populated areas, like southern California, commuters are more spread out, with some leaving closer to 6:00 AM to beat traffic.

Yau finds some interesting outliers: LaGrange county in Indiana, which has a large Amish population, has a lot of early risers, with many leaving for work between midnight and 4:59 AM. And the Aleutians East Borough in Alaska, which is mostly a commercial fishing area, has a lot of people leaving for work in the late afternoon and early evening. You can check out Yau's full post here.

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