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Chart: The United States of Catholics and Protestants

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America is getting much more religiously diverse, but three traditions still dominate in most states: Catholics, white evangelic Protestants, and the religiously unaffiliated, according to new data from the Public Religion Research Institute’s American Values Atlas.

As the chart above shows, Catholicism is the most common religious tradition in 17 states, while white evangelical Protestants are first in 15 states, mostly in the South. The religiously unaffiliated are the most common religious group in 13 states, mostly in the Pacific Northwest and the Northeast.

Three states are outliers: Utah, which is 56 percent Mormon, the largest percentage of one single religious tradition, and Iowa and North Dakota, where white mainline Protestants are the dominant religious tradition.

After Utah, Rhode Island is the most religiously homogeneous state, with 44 percent of its population identifying as Catholic, followed by Tennessee, which is 43 percent white evangelical Protestant.

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