Elbing, Kan. and Wichita, Kan. are just a few miles from one another. At least when it comes to Kansas, however, their political affiliations could not be more different. The former ranks as the most conservative town in the state, while the latter is the most liberal, according to data from political analytics company Clarity Campaign Labs.

Business Insider created the map above with the most liberal and conservative towns in each state using data from Clarity Campaign Labs. Many of the blue cities are major urban areas: New York City, Philadelphia, Miami, Memphis, Omaha, and Seattle. Some are college towns, like Berkeley, Madison, Wis., Ann Arbor, Mich., and Hanover, N.H.

In case you want to be forever surrounded by like-minded people, Clarity Campaign Labs has also created an online tool that lets you find the town or city in your state that most closely matches your politics. You can see that here.

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