It's almost a rite of passage for young people in big cities to spend a huge portion of their incomes on rent, getting by on everything else with the help of ramen, Craigslist furniture and happy hour deals. But just how tough your 20's will be depends a lot on the job and the city you choose.

Biochemists in Boston and physicians assistants in Miami tend to do okay, while elementary school teachers in the Bay Area may spend as much as three-quarters of their gross salary in rent, as new data from HotPads, an apartment listing site, shows.

HotPads estimated the median rent per person in select neighborhoods in 11 cities for studios, 1 bedroom-, 2 bedroom-, and 3 bedroom- apartments. They then used Census data to find the annual gross salary of full-time workers in various jobs aged 22 to 30 with college degrees. Here's a snapshot of some of their findings:

We asked HotPads to highlight some of the most expensive neighborhoods for young professionals. The interactive maps below show the neighborhoods in which young workers in their 20's can expect to pay more than one-third or more than one-half of their income in rent, depending on how you adjust the drop-down menu. You can also zoom in and out of the map by using the buttons on the left, or hover your cursor over a neighborhood to see figures on the median income and rent.

Here is Washington, D.C.:

New York:

Los Angeles:





At last but certainly not least, San Francisco:

For the full report and more interactive maps that allow you to look at average affordability by career, see the report here.

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