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Chart: The most liberal and conservative jobs in America

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You can probably guess that environmentalists and yoga instructors are more likely to be Democrats -- and oil workers to be Republicans. But what about flight attendants, talk show hosts, and neurosurgeons?

Verdant Labs, which makes a baby names app, recently published an extensive chart on the average political affiliations of various professions. To create the graphic, the company aggregated data from the Federal Election Commission on contributions to political parties, and used that information as a proxy for political views.

As the graphic below shows, midwives, taxi drivers, flight attendants, park rangers, pediatricians and architects are all more likely to lean to the left than the right. In contrast, business owners, talk show hosts, beer wholesalers, surgeons and Catholic priests are more likely to be conservative.

There are also some interesting divisions among branches of a single profession, or different jobs within one workplace. You might notice above that pediatricians are more likely to be liberal, but urologists and neurosurgeons are more likely to be conservative. Verdant Labs also points out that preschool teachers are twice as likely as high school teachers to be Republican, and economics professors are seven times as likely as English professors to be Republican.

Here are some more interesting divisions. In the military, the Marines and Air Force tend to be significantly more conservative than the Army and Navy:

While most farmers are conservative, cattle feeders are the farthest to the right, and retired farmers even lean a little liberal:

There are strong political divisions within the restaurant business, with managers and owners much more likely to be conservative than their servers and bartenders:

Golf appears to be the most conservative sport, while poker is probably the most liberal:

Economists are actually very liberal overall, but they still look conservative compared to anthropologists:

Verdant Labs' interactive allows you to see the divisions within many more professions. You can check that out here.

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