"I'm going to talk about something now that sort of splits the crowd a little bit," Australian comedian Jim Jefferies says. "Gun control."

"Don't get excited," he continues, "because the other people have guns!"


In this hilarious act, Jefferies says he believes in the right of Americans to have guns, but seems skeptical of the argument -- often made by gun rights activists often claim -- that Americans need guns for their own security.

"In Australia we had guns, right up until 1996. In 1996 Australia had the biggest massacre on earth. Still hasn't been beaten," Jefferies says. "Now after that they banned guns. Now in the 10 years before Port Arthur, there were 10 massacres. Since the gun ban in 1996, there hasn't been a single massacre since. I don't know how or why this happened. Maybe it was a coincidence."

Jefferies explained that he understands, however, that Australia and America are different places.

I understand that Australia and America are too vastly different cultures with two vastly different people. In Australia we had the biggest massacre on earth and the Australian government went, "That's it, no more guns!" And we all went, "Yeah, right, then, that seems fair enough."
Now in America, you have the Sandy Hook Massacre where tiny little children died and your government went, "Maybe, we'll get rid of big guns." And 50 percent of you said, "[Expletive] you, don't take my guns!"

Despite all that, Jefferies says in the stand-up routine, the real reason gun owners want guns is just because they like them. That's okay, but it doesn't mean that guns should be legal, he says. Some people like taking drugs or driving at 100 miles an hour, and can be perfectly safe and responsible while doing so, but other irresponsible people have ruined those things for them.

study by the Violence Policy Center, a gun control advocacy group, notes that, when guns kill people, they are overwhelmingly used for murder rather than self-defense. In 2008-2012, the report says, guns were used in 42,419 criminal homicides and only 1,108 justifiable homicides -- defined as the killing of a felon during the commission of a felony by a private citizen.

Jefferies' routine offers a window into how American attitudes toward guns look to many people outside of the U.S. Jefferies warns that about 10 percent of those who watch this video will be seething at it.

Also, a warning: The video has adult language. Don't play too loudly at work or around kids!

One of Jefferies' quotes in this story has been corrected. The YouTube link was also  updated on Aug. 30.