Welcome to the United States of giant corporations.

This map from Broadviewnet.com shows the where some of the country's largest companies are headquartered by state. Using data from Hoover’s, Broadview searched through each state's list of companies and found the company with the largest revenue in the last fiscal year.

The map includes some of America's best known companies: Chevron in California, General Motors in Michigan, General Electric in Connecticut, Walmart in Arkansas, Home Depot in Georgia, CVS in Rhode Island and Verizon in New York.

Some companies say something about the state's local economy: For example, Las Vegas Sands is the largest company by revenues headquartered in the gambling haven of Nevada, while Johnson & Johnson stands out in the pharmaceutical industry hub of New Jersey. Other companies say more about the founder's personal story: Nike founder Phil Knight headquartered his company in his native Oregon, while Warren Buffet, sometimes called the "Oracle of Omaha," located the headquarters of Berkshire Hathaway in Nebraska.

Some readers might be surprised that companies like Apple and Microsoft are missing from the map. But although these brand names are well known and the companies have massive market caps, their revenues aren't as large as companies like Chevron and Costco.

As some commentators on Broadviewnet's original post have noted, the map shows the largest company by revenue that is headquartered in the state, rather than the state's biggest employer. The latter measure might be a more accurate way of judging a company's economic influence.

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