A Confederate battle flag marks the graves of soldiers in the Confederate States Army in the U.S. Civil War in Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston, South Carolina June 22, 2015. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley on Monday called on lawmakers to take down the Confederate battle flag in the state capital, a week after a white gunman allegedly shot dead nine black worshipers at a historic church. REUTERS/Brian Snyder

If you had to guess, what state would you say buys the most Confederate flag bikinis and belt buckles?

This map by Jody Sieradzki of Dadaviz shows which flag people in different states searched more on Google Shopping between January 2008 and June 2015: the U.S. flag or the Confederate flag. The states in black -- most of them -- shopped more for the American flag. The states in red -- Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Illinois and Texas -- searched more often for the Confederate flag.

Jody Sieradzki, Dadaviz

According to the data from Google Trends, North Carolina showed the most interest overall in buying the Confederate flag, followed by Virginia, Georgia and Texas. Perhaps surprisingly, Pennsylvania ranked next, followed by Illinois and Florida.

Many of these searches were actually for flag-emblazoned clothing, rather than the flag itself. When people searched for the Confederate flag, they most commonly searched for bikinis, shirts and belts (Google doesn't provide data on which states specifically searched most for Confederate flag bikinis or belt buckles). For the American flag, the more common searches were shirts, shorts, and tank tops. Searches for the American flag tend to peak each year in June, probably due to the run-up of the July 4 holiday.

Confederate flag apparel is about to get a lot harder to buy in much of the U.S. In the wake of the racially motivated shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, many people have focused their ire on the Confederate flag that still flies in the state's Capitol complex, calling it a symbol of racial hatred. Walmart, Sears (which also operates Kmart) and Ebay have all announced that they will stop selling Confederate flag merchandise. Amazon also confirmed reports on Jun. 23 that it will no longer be selling Confederate flag merchandise. A search on Amazon for "Confederate flag" currently returns nearly 30,000 results.

This post has been updated to include Amazon's response.

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