From New York to Napoli, pizza is still king.

The votes are in, and Americans love bacon. Or at least, Americans love taking photos of bacon and posting them on social media.

A series of maps by sheds light on the food preferences in cities around the world by analyzing Instagram photos. The site looked at more than 100,000 photos posted on Instagram with tags for various kinds of food. It then created a series of maps showing the global cities where different foods appear the most. In the maps below, the size of the circle is proportional to the number of photos in that place with that food tag.

Below is the bacon map. New York City comes in first for the number of #bacon hashtags, followed by London and L.A. Australia clearly has a bacon fixation as well, with two cities ranking in the top five.

When it comes to burgers, London bests the U.S. Five percent of all burger tags on Instagram came from the British capital, with New York, L.A., Paris and Melbourne following behind.

The geography of curry looks a lot different. Tokyo is the number one spot for curry photos, while Singapore also makes it in the top five.

Not so for currywurst, a dish of pork sausage topped with a curry ketchup. That's basically just a German thing.

Napoli still reigns supreme as the official world city for pizza, but New York has overtaken it in practice. Chicago, the home of deep dish pizza, also makes it in the top five, a ranking thin-crust devotees are likely to dispute.

Despite its amazingness, poutine -- an amazing-tasting mess of fries covered with cheese and gravy -- is still basically a Canadian thing. Quebec alone is responsible for 20 percent of poutine tags.

Yeah, Tokyo is pretty good for sushi. But it might surprise you that New York, L.A., Bangkok and Milan all take more sushi photos than the Japanese capital.

Burritos are still largely a West coast thing -- though London and New York are starting to catch on.

Macarons, the French meringue-based cookie, have become super trendy in East Asia. Bangkok, Seoul and Tokyo all make it into the top five cities that are snapping macaron photos, as well as Paris.

Empanadas, a stuffed pastry that's common in Latin America, have taken over the Western hemisphere, but not much else. New York, Culiacan, Mexico, Miami, L.A. and Buenos Aires are all most likely to snap empanada photos.

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