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One chart shows how much of your life you’ve spent binge-watching TV

Mr. Burns, left, and his assistant Smithers, on "The Simpsons" (Fox via AP)

There's something so satisfying about binge watching a television show. Maybe it's experiencing the plot unfold quickly, which draws you into the story that much more. Or maybe it's the sinful indulgence of spending so many hours with your feet up when there are other, more productive things you could be doing.

Whatever the reason for binge watching, Americans are doing a lot of it. The average American now watches 3 hours and 21 minutes of TV per day on the weekend, and 2 hours and 36 minutes per day during the week, according to the latest American Time Use Survey from the Bureau of Labor statistics. As Wonkblog's Chris Ingraham points out, if you exclude people who don't watch TV at all, those who do are spending about 4 hours in front of the TV on weekend days and 3 1/2 hours a day during the work week.

How much of your life have you spent binge watching TV shows? The chart below shows the various time investment in hours you would have to make to watch a number of series, using data from the website You can get away with watching Arrested Development, Game of Thrones and a few other series in a little more than 24 hours.

But some series are much more significant time investments. It would take you 113 hours -- about five days -- to watch all of MTV's Road Rules. And if you want to watch all of the Simpsons, the longest running series on TV that will start its 27th season in September, you would need nearly nine days of your life.

These figures come the new website created by Alex Cican using data from The Movie Database that lets you calculate just how much time you've spent binge watching TV shows. The site lets you type in all the shows you've watched and adds the together, so you can calculate the total days of your life that you've spent watching TV. Explore with caution.