At Wonkblog, we love a good joke about how generations of gender barriers and structural racism have created an economy where lucky white men make more than just about everyone else. So! We bring you a half-joking app (built with real Bureau of Labor Statistics data!) to help you fairly split your bill when you’re dining out with friends — “No really, fairly.”

The app won a Comedy Hack Day in San Francisco last weekend, and here’s team member Luna Malbroux brilliantly explaining during the competition how it divvies your dinner bill with gender and racial income inequality in mind. Using, you know, "affirmative fractions":

Equipay, Malbroux tells us, is an app as social commentary. And the team is really planning to build out the thing and get it in the app store soon. Malbroux, a diversity and inclusion trainer by day and comedian by night, figures people might actually use the app to start conversations, if not for real-life bill-splitting (but maybe?). "You can reach people a lot quicker through comedy," she says about such hefty problems, "because their defenses are down."

We also love that the app anticipates many people don't dine out in diverse groups in the first place. Because: this.

Seriously, though. Consider this next time you're turning tapas into a teachable moment about inequality:

And this: