What would it look like if Willy Wonky designed New York City's Central Park? It might look something like “Infrared NYC,” a surreal series of infrared photographs from Paolo Pettigiani, a 24-year-old New York-based photographer.

Pettigiani shot the city's famous park using infrared photography, in which the camera captures wavelenths of light that are normally too large to be seen by the human eye. Plants that have chlorophyll, such as grass, crops and trees, strongly reflect infrared light, while asphalt, water and other surfaces do not. (Scientists can actually use this attribute to measure vegetation from space, using satellite photographs.)

Science aside, the result is beautiful: A dream-like landscape in which the grass and foliage appear like pink cotton candy against the blue-green of the sky, pavement and skyscrapers.

You can see more of Pettigiani’s work on Instagram or Behance.

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