The party conventions in Cleveland and Philadelphia this month have brought tens of thousands of delegates, journalists, protestors and onlookers to those cities. And boy are they hungry.

Yelp, a site where people review and rate restaurants and other businesses, has released some fascinating data on what convention goers are searching for most. The results vary a lot by party, in sometimes predictable and sometimes surprising ways.

Yelp found that searches jumped in Cleveland, the home of the Republican National Convention, for hot dogs, gay bars, burgers and comfort food. In Philadelphia, where the Democrats are now gathered, searches have spiked for distilleries, vegan food, bagels, tattoos and adult entertainment -- and much more.

To get the numbers in the charts below, Yelp looked at the relative increase in number of searches for each business category in Cleveland during the RNC and in Philadelphia during the DNC as compared with searches in each city from a week prior. These charts compared what people searched for on the first day of the convention - Monday - for each week. They then compared those results with one another, and pulled out the categories with the biggest discrepancies between the cities.

Not everyone coming to the conventions would have been a Republican or Democrat, of course -- many were media or protesters -- but the huge influx of people from that party likely would have influenced Yelp's search results.

Here's what those results look like in Cleveland, where the RNC was held:

In Cleveland, the category that jumped the most was Hawaiian food, with searches rising 623 percent in Cleveland compared with a 65 percent drop in Philadelphia. That might seem mysterious, but it's probably because not many people search Hawaiian food in Cleveland, so a few extra searches can really tip the scale.

The other categories that increased the most were gay bars (+45 percent in Cleveland compared to +18 percent in Philadelphia), dive bars (+40 percent compared to +7 percent at the DNC) and hot dogs (+38 percent compared to -17 percent at the DNC). Searches for Greek food, wine bars, comfort food, pizza, ice cream and burgers also rose more week-on-week in Cleveland compared with Philadelphia.

In non-food categories, people in Cleveland searched more for massage therapy (+178 percent compared to -1 percent at DNC) and guns and ammo (+79 percent compared to -12 percent at DNC). Those in Cleveland also searched more for men's clothing, women's clothing, comic books, golf and sign making.

Here's what the results look like for the Democrats:

In Philadelphia, Democrats appeared to be hitting up distilleries (+74 percent compared to no change at the RNC), Mongolian restaurants (+48 percent compared to a 24 percent drop at RNC), and karoake bars (+20 percent compared to -4 percent). Dietary restrictions abounded in Philadelphia, with searches for kosher, vegan and vegetarian food rising comparatively more than in Cleveland. Searches also rose for bagels and adult entertainment.

In non-food categories, searches spiked for cosmetic surgeons, Go Karts, tattoos, arcades, churches, spray tanning and acupuncture.

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