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Quiz: Do your neighbors think you’re running a marijuana operation?

A marijuana retail and grow facility. (David Zalubowski/AP)

The Drug Enforcement Administration recently warned Colorado residents about the dangers posed by large-scale residential marijuana growing operations.

According to the DEA, these operations are becoming a bigger problem in recent years because of loopholes in Colorado's recreational and medical marijuana laws. But the DEA has been busting marijuana growing operations for decades.

In the early 2000s, for instance, the DEA's Seattle Field Division published a handy tip sheet titled "Signs your neighbor is running a marijuana grow operation." Washington voters approved a medical marijuana bill in 1998, and the DEA warned several years later that "marijuana grow operations are appearing on a frequent and accelerating basis in residential neighborhoods."

The Seattle DEA wanted residents to be on the alert. "Ask yourself: Do you know your neighbors?" the tip sheet implores. "Have you been inside their home or does something seem peculiar or different about their home? In order to deflect suspicion, it is not unusual for children to reside in homes being used to cultivate marijuana."

The tip sheet then offers a bulleted list of 15 signs your neighbors may actually be growing marijuana. The criteria listed are so broad -- foggy windows, sounds of hammering coming from the residence -- that it seems unlikely any residential home would be fully free of suspicion.

To that end, here's a fun little quiz, based on the DEA's criteria, that will tell you exactly how suspicious your own house is based on the number of DEA criteria you meet.

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