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It may be delicious, but the evidence is growing that meat is kind of a disaster.

It's good news for people who care about how the chickens they eat were treated.

Three years ago, a group of researchers at Cornell University's Food and Brand Lab had a hunch. And they were right.

How different fruits and vegetables used to be

"I and many, many others had to wear Pampers."

The ancient history of the potato could change the story of civilization

"What they've done is basically the equivalent of taking a car, putting it in neutral, and then dropping a brick on the accelerator until it blows up."

"You wouldn't believe some of the things I have learned over the years."

"They dropped a lot faster and further than anyone had expected."

The effort will make it easier for poor children to get free lunches at school.

Admit it, you didn't know this about baby carrots.

Winemakers have been bending the truth.

The shift in the company's policy points to a fundamental change in the fast-food world.

An undercover video raises serious concerns about the conditions at one of the biggest pork processors in the U.S.

Animal parts are everywhere.

Is your county pumpkin-rich or pumpkin-poor?

These careers are more likely to find true love among their own

Consumption has plummeted by a staggering 80 percent in the past 40 years.

What happened when I went to a place in the U.S. that I ranked lowest among all U.S. counties.

Hell hath no fury like a Minnesotan scorned.

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