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The Washington Post

Donald Trump's campaign might be hitting him where it hurts most.

There are deep forces that explain the rise of Japanese food all over the country -- and the surprising group of people behind the trend.

Mylan plans to extend the shelf life of Epipen

Mylan calculated its profits at a tax rate that is more than five times the overall tax rate the company actually paid.

Here are the winners and losers of moving every NFL team to the city where they would be worth the most.

Allergan is taking on pharma's pricing problem -- a 'festering wound'

Clinton wants to impose fines on pharmaceutical companies for excessive price hikes.

The Silicon Valley blood-testing company suffers another setback

The generic, to be launched "in several weeks," will carry a list price of $300 for a two-pack carton.

The scientific case for blasting upbeat music at work.

The chork: A fork-chopstick love child that is “Chinese, but approachable”

“The proposed acquisition of Medivation is expected to immediately accelerate revenue growth and drive overall earnings growth potential for Pfizer,” the company's chief executive said.

In July, Aetna's chief executive said it was "very likely" the company would abandon the exchanges altogether.

Campaigns often take a bruising toll on candidate's public image. This one's no different.

The film industry is desperate to make a movie that both Chinese and Americans love.

Is the company really on a new path?

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