In order to measure just how divided American culture has become, economists built an algorithm that predicts somebody's income, education, gender and race based on his or her attitudes and habits.

The most controversial element of a front-page story on a truck-driver shortage wasn't the shortage itself, but the anecdote of an 87-year-old aspiring truck driver. How common is his story? We looked at the data.

America’s unemployed and at-risk workers get very little support from the government, and their employed peers are set back by a weak collective-bargaining system.

Americans want more legal immigration, and they're growing more sympathetic to undocumented immigrants, too.

That's according to the latest Annual Time Use Survey, which tracks how Americans spend their days.

Every day, new indicators of economic decline emerge. But upon careful examination, their dire warnings don't look so dire. At least for now.

The retirement of Justice Kennedy is all but certain to shift the ideology of the nation's high court to the right.

It's no accident that “incivility” is on the rise.

Illegal border crossings are just a small part of the immigration story.

The decline in water use is a victory for federal efficiency standards.

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